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Project Management  

Dhaksha Technologies's Project management service helps you in undergoing a conversion, implementing new technology or modernizing classical procedures. High industry experienced certified Project Management Professionals comprise the team of Dhaksha Technologies's Project Management Services.

You can benefit from the expertise and best practices of our dedicated project managers to professionally oversee your initiatives.

Key Features
Defines requirements and assesses risks to determine feasibility from the outset
Establishes firm structures, timelines, budgets, and milestones
EAI Solutions (SAP PI, Web Methods, Tibco, BizTalk, MQ Series, EDI, Amberpoint )
Produces all necessary documentation and project management deliverables
Collaborates closely with your team

Makes outcomes more predictable
Imposes discipline across the organization
Allows your staff to focus on running your business
Achieves on-time, on-budget results

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