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SOA Architecture  

As organizations grow, expand, merge, acquire new businesses or hive-off existing businesses, their processes get entwined with heterogeneous systems, applications and services. Applications become dependent upon each other and they are often linked together through specifically defined point-to-point connections. As a result, there is significant complexity and cost increase when adding and modifying business processes.

Dhaksha Technologies help you to address these challenges through the adoption of SOA. SOA is about analyzing the business to identify business areas and business processes. It is the practice of sequestering the core business functions into independent business services that don't change frequently. Dhaksha Technologies has the expertise to analyze businesses and their processes and enable in the creation of software functions as reusable and configurable services, leading to business agility, reduction in time and cost to IT.

Dhaksha Technologies views SOA as the key to align business processes and IT.

Dhaksha Technologies provides SOA consulting and helps in SOA enablement by simplifying and streamlining complex interactions, and enabling organizations to focus on profitable growth, rather than system integration and maintenance. We employ cutting edge emerging technologies and leading web application platforms to provide our clients with an agile and flexible architecture.

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